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Podcast #006: Author Tips from Elizabeth Ann West

Generating a 6-Figure Income as an Author (in a VERY small niche)


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Interview with Author Elizabeth Ann West
In this week’s Business of Publishing a Successful Book podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing author Elizabeth Ann West. I was thrilled to get an honest look at Elizabeth’s journey from “accidental writer”—earning $7 for her first article—to making $1000 per month writing articles to a solid 6-figure revenue as an author.

Within the info-packed podcast, you will discover:

  • The marketing approach that sold 29 copies of first book and has now sold books in 50+ countries
  • Elizabeth’s firm belief in publishing with purpose (and the unexpected value of having an ever-changing roadmap)
  • The lessons she could only learn by jumping in and living the experience (that you can now learn BEFORE jumping you!)
  • Her professional partnership approach that keeps drama at bay (as well as her strategy for gracefully exiting partnerships that aren’t working)
  • The unique way she refers to herself to avoid the term “self published author”
  • Why she’s learned that authors need not waste time reinventing the retail cycle
  • How authors can position themselves to realize that they are WORTH charging $9.99 for an eBook—even if they’ve never before written a book and have no platform.
  • Her (extremely outside-the-box) pricing strategy
  • How to change your mindset to make you feel more comfortable selling your work
  • The bare minimum content you need to include on a website to start building a mailing list and networking with other authors to generate organic promo opportunities (it’s FAR less than you’d think!)
  • The one format you may not have considered that has proven highly lucrative for Elizabeth (meaning, you might want to consider it)
  • Elizabeth’s research- and fact-backed opinion on what’s going to be the next big thing in self/indie publishing

Be sure to scroll down for links to resources mentioned throughout the episode! 

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Write Your Damn Book Already!

A Simple 6-Step System for Entrepreneurs

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