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Leave the publishing to us. We'll leave the rights and royalties to you!

First of all, congratulations! Truth: Writing the book is the most challenging part, and you did it! I hope you properly celebrated with cupcakes or skydiving or swimming with dolphins (or all three). 


"How the heck do I get it out there?"

You've never published a book before, and crawling under a blanket of nails sounds more appealing than trying to figure out the correct step-by-step without spending unnecessary money or doing things you don't need to do. 


Finn-Phyllis Press, Inc. was formed in 2002 for the purposes of publishing my own books. Because the process is second-nature to me at this point, I'm honored to be able to publish others' books as well.

Because getting your story into the world shouldn't be so complicated!

The biggest differences between Finn-Phyllis Press and other vanity publishers are:

  • we retain ZERO rights
  • we collect ZERO royalties on the back end (all book earnings go directly into the author's bank account).
  • We work closely with our authors to provide a partnership-level experience. 

We produce and publish a New York Times bestseller quality book, and we leave the author to reap the rewards!



  • Use of Finn-Phyllis Press ISBNs for eBook and paperback 
  • Bowker (U.S. ISBN agency) registration of assigned ISBNs
  • Barcode for back cover of book
  • Custom designed covers for trade paperback and eBook  
  • Interior formatting of paperback and eBook (black and white only; no color images)
  • Book's back cover copy written by Elizabeth Lyons
  • Full upload to Amazon for distribution, including properly formatted book description and strategic keyword selection
  • Online access to Elizabeth's proven 12-day book launch course, From Manuscript to Market ($497 value)
  • You retain ALL rights, and every cent of your earnings is deposited directly into your bank account. It doesn't ever pass through us!


"Elizabeth has a passion for sharing her knowledge of how to write, publish, and launch a profitable book, and if you have the chance to work with her one-on-one or through one of her courses, I highly recommend it! She's one of the most authentic people I know."

Mike Young
Author of Made Over: How to Create a Powerful Brand that Will Transform Your Business and Save Your Life

If you'd like to determine whether or not your book is a good fit for Finn-Phyllis Press's publishing services, please click the APPLY NOW button below. We can't wait to learn more about you and your book!


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