This Roadblock is a Problem


"Elizabeth, it's your job to get people really excited about their story."

A prospective client said this to me one day while we were on a call chatting about whether or not my coaching program or book writing bootcamp is a good fit for her. 

After considering her statement, I came to the conclusion that that isn't my job. 

If it were, I'd be out of luck, because you've already done my job for me! 

The challenge isn't that you aren't excited enough about your story. And the challenge isn't that you're too busy.

This is what the challenge is...(and this is how to solve it). 


If you're ready to FINALLY get this project finished, I invite you take the next step (it's about moving the needle just one click each day) and sign up for my FREE masterclass.

You'll discover:

 How to assess whether there is a demand for your book (aka "Will anyone want to read it?") 

- Why the notion that you aren't a writer doesn't matter. At all. 

- How to manage your fears that someone might judge or criticize your book/story

- Exactly how to start (or keep going if you're suffering from the dreaded "writer's block")