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The #1 Reason People Don't Write (or Stop Writing) Their Book


Is something still holding you back from getting started (or continuing on) with writing your book?

While I can't know exactly what your roadblock is without chatting, because my goal is to do whatever I can to help you GET THAT BOOK WRITTEN, I thought I'd let you in on an impromptu training I recently did for the 33-Day Book Writing Bootcamp course members.

(I tend to put together these ad hoc trainings, especially when I hear that bootcamp members are struggling with a similar challenge).

In this under-15-minute video training, you will discover:

💥 What unexpected and unpleasant experience will occur when you're in the midst of writing your book (in fact, it may have already)---especially if you're writing about motivation, discipline, spirituality, or personal growth---and how to move right past it with determined grace, like the badass that you are!

💥 The detour most writers take when this unexpected experience occurs, and the response I give that honors their feelings while getting them to the other side ASAP. (It works every single time).

💥How you're likely not all that different from #1 NYT bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein (and what that says about both her and you!)

💥 Why writing your book will challenge you to become a better version of you with every word you write while being one of the most vulnerable and healing things you'll ever do.

After you watch, I'd love to know, did this training resonate with you? If so, I'd love to hear from you!

And, if your reason for still holding back is entirely different, I'd love to hear from you as well!

Simply leave a comment and let me know. If I can help--even get you connected with another resource if it's what you're most in need of--I will do my best to provide you with the next step you're needing!

P.S. If you enjoy this training, you'll love my newest (free) masterclass: Squashing the 4 (False) Beliefs Still Holding You Back.




"I'm a one-on-one client of Elizabeth's, and this masterclass still provided incredible value. It addressed a roadblock I didn't realize I had, and gave me 8 new topics to write about!"

-E.M., writing her first memoir


In Just 50 Minutes, You Will Discover:

  • How to assess whether there is a demand for your book (aka "Will anyone want to read it?") 
  • Why the notion that you aren't a writer doesn't matter. At all. 
  • How to manage fears that someone might judge or criticize your book/story
  • Exactly how to start (or keep going if you're suffering from the dreaded "writer's block")