[EP 45] Interview with Business Strategist Mike Young

Did ANYTHING good happen in 2020?

It's the question that seemingly everyone is asking right now, and I had the unique opportunity to chat with business strategist Mike Young about our unexpected (but greatly appreciated) lessons learned this year.

Among these lessons:

>> What you say to yourself matters - how you describe or qualify your “failures” or missteps is crucial. 

>> When starting a new offer, you’ll always have an imposter-syndrome feeling because you don’t know how it’s all going to play out. The solution: DO NOT over-promise on your offer. 

>> It’s difficult to OVER-communicate with people you are close to.

>> You have to know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there (plus my newest secret weapon in this area)

>> The value of monitoring your energy as you determine what you DO like at any given point in time. 

>> Continue to explore your passion in order to most deeply understand it. 

>> You never know where the chips are going to fall. If you get the foundation right and take the focus off of yourself, magic begins to happen. The pivotal question to ask yourself each morning: Who can I help today?

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Despite what you may think, you don't need to wait for the perfect story or the right launch day. You don't need a steady stream of confidence. And you sure as hell don't need validation from the right people. 

What you need is help from someone who's felt what you're feeling and done what you dream of doing. Someone who's made her fair share of mistakes and is ready to pass those along so that you can avoid them! 

I've published 5 bestselling books of my own (plus a few dozen for private clients), and I help people just like you write, publish, and launch books with clarity and purpose.

✅ even if you’re busy as hell

✅ even if you have no idea where to start

✅ even if you're not sure what to include and what to leave out

✅ even if you're concerned that someone will get upset with you

✅ even if you don’t like writing (and/or think you aren’t good at it!)

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