[Ep 043] So You Want to Create an Audiobook

In episode 43 of the Authors, Creators and Visionaries podcast, Drew Linsalata and I talk about audiobook creation.

People often ask, "What about an audiobook? Should I create one? HOW do I create one?" But we've learned that there are a few more important questions to ask first.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What's more important than actually creating the audiobook?
  • Should you narrate your own book or hire that out?
  • What are indicators that you are not the best narrator for your audiobook?
  • Common mistakes in the area of mic selection and other equipment used
  • How audiobooks are far different from podcasts or YouTube content
  • The actual profit margin on audiobooks (it's not what you've likely been told)
  • How to use audio content most beneficially (even without creating a full-length audiobook)
  • The newest trend in audiobook creation -- supplemental (bonus) content






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