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Book Marketing Email Templates

In the last post, I told you about my realization that a lawn mower is, in fact, worth the investment when you have a large yard full of grass.

Let me give you another example of doing things the hard way--one that's likely a bit more relatable: getting a duvet cover onto a duvet without ending up like this:

You're with me, right? The struggle is real.

I mean, it was, until someone told me to search "duvet burrito" on YouTube. 

I didn't feel like I had the time to watch a video on exactly how to get the duvet in its cozy covering without losing my mind plus another 42 minutes week after week. 

But at some point, we each have to say, "Enough is enough" and accept that if someone can put a wrinkle in time for us that costs us a fraction of the time we've been investing (with less-than-stellar results).

Moving past the duvet debacle (which I'm all too happy to do), communicating with my list of readers and knowing how to help partners who are more than willing to help me spread the word about my book(s) but need to know what to say to their audiences is critical. 

And that's why the email templates are such a critical component of From Manuscript to Market (my 12-day step-by-step book launch course).

The repository of email templates is growing by the week, and as long as I discover email communications that work with these two audiences specifically (readers and influencers), I'll be adding them to the database that resides within the course. 

Just like with the duvet, sometimes you have to try something to see how simple the process can be when you cut out all of the "Should I say..." and "What if I wrote about..." overwhelm.

Stay tuned, because in the next post, I'll give you an actual template from the template vault so you can try it out yourself -- even if you aren't yet a course member.


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