[Ep 042] Interview with Eileen Robertson Hamra

"No one can deny you your truth"

-Eileen Robertson Hamra

Eileen Robertson Hamra is the author of the newly released Time to Fly: Life and Love After Loss, which immediately captivated me. Her honest vulnerability about the journey through a tragedy the likes of which I am blessed to not be able to imagine kept me riveted. Even though I've not experienced this degree of loss, I was able to incorporate her lessons of strength into my journey, and for that, I know I will be a better person. This is the magic of stories.

In Episode 42 of the Authors, Creators and Visionaries podcast, we discussed not only her story but also her journey writing and publishing her remarkable book. 

Key Takeaways

✅ Her why, and how it morphed over the course of writing the book 

✅ The realization that took the pressure off of "imposter syndrome" and needing to write the "perfect" book

✅ How to write without pressuring yourself to be a spokesperson or grief counselor

✅ What to look for in an independent publishing house

✅ The most surprising aspect of the writing process (hint: "A whole book?!?!")

✅ The most freeing realization when writing that removes doubt and fear of others' reactions

✅ Her biggest fear when it came to releasing the book


✅ Her suggestion for those still in the writing phase to keep pushing through moments of doubt

✅ What she hopes for this book to allow in her professional life going forward

"How do I make it not about me when it's...about me?!"

-Eileen Robertson Hamra



BOOK: Time to Fly: Life and Love After Loss:








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