[Ep 041] Coming Back Down the Mountain After a Book Launch

When you launch (or re-launch) your book, you'll feel like you're on top of the tallest mountain, and the view will be absolutely exhilarating. ButI then, you'll have to walk back down. Learning to see the opportunities in the descent is critical to wanting to do it again and again!

In today's Sonnet-Size Tips podcast episode (less than 10 minutes), I talk about:

  • 3:04: What we think launch day is about (versus what it's really about)

  • 5:01: What most people do when coming down the mountain (and what you need to do instead)

  • 6:06: How to look at launch day as an ongoing opportunity

  • 6:56: What primary aspect of a solid launch strategy works best...every single time. 

  • 7:35: The one question every reader has (that you, as an author, must have an answer to!)

If you’re wondering about the exact step-by-step method that creates this kind of momentum for your book—even if it’s been out for quite some time already—the From Manuscript to Market book launch course is ready to guide you!

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✅ The course also provides you with templates for social media posts (that your launch team or street team can easily access and share), clarity on how to pre-schedule your posts so they are “set it and forget it,” fill-in-the-blank email templates to send to your list, email templates for your launch team to send to their lists, and more... 

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