Authors in Quarantine


When you begin to wonder if you're the only author who's experiencing days that seem to blend right into the next, you take a break from writing and editing to make a video about it. (Right?)

Joking aside, authors question whether or not to make videos or post content that's slightly outside the lane of their "author image" or outside the realm of their book topic. I understand that doing so can feel extremely vulnerable. As if you weren't worried enough whether or not people would like your book, when you begin to get more creative with your content, you'll simultaneously begin to worry about whether or not people will like you!

Think about the last author you watched being interviewed. The author whose books you really like. The one about whom you've thought, "If I could have lunch her, I'd love to ask whether or not she actually meditates every single morning" (while silently hoping the answer would be no because you'd then be able to identify with her even more).

That's the kind of connection that creative, authentic content creates. And it's that kind of connection that authors rely on to continue to sell books, programs, courses, products, speaking engagements, and anything else they offer to impact others. 

If you consider the experts you follow, there is likely a reason you follow them. It's certainly not because they are the only person on the planet teaching or speaking about their topic of choice. Instead, it's because there is something about them that draws you to them, specifically. 

When you can get comfortable really putting yourself out there, your ideal readers will begin to "magically" show up. And there is nothing more satisfying than being able to go to the grocery store, a book signing, a television segment, or a seminar and know that you can be fully yourself --- in fact, that's what everyone in attendance is expecting. 


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You'll discover:

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- Exactly how to start (or keep going if you're suffering from the dreaded "writer's block")