About Finn-Phyllis Press


Finn-Phyllis Press was established in 2004 after Elizabeth Lyons heard "No" one too many times from literary agents. Certain that she had written a book that could help even just one new parent of twins, she wondered, "How hard can this publishing thing be?" (Famous last words)

She had one non-negotiable when it came to getting her book into the world: It would be indistinguishable in quality from any New York Times bestseller. 

Through trials, missteps, and full-on disasters, she worked her way, one step and one book at a time (because she didn't stop after she'd written her first book) to exactly what she envisioned: a small, service-based press with a passion for truly partnering with its authors to bring impactful books to life so that they can make a difference in the lives of others---one reader at a time. 

O U R  M A N I F E S T O 

We believe that every story matters. 

We believe that the smallest moments of connection create the largest ripple effect of change. 

We believe that book publishing doesn't have to be overwhelming, feel high-pressure, or take years.

We believe that authors deserve to earn a fair profit -- it's your story, after all! 

We believe that while most stories aren't, in and of themselves, completely unique, no one else has your exact perspective, and that is your superpower. . 

We believe in partnerships. This isn't our first rodeo (although in full transparency, we've never been to an actual rodeo), and it is our privilege to guide our authors every step of the way. We are proud of our no-tears-or-panic-attacks policy. 

We believe in the bells and whistles that help our clients increase their impact---and leave the ones that don't in the metaphorical slush pile. 

We don't have an actual slush pile. 

Our goal is simple: help you tell your story in a powerfully vulnerable way, publish it so that it can sit next to any New York Times bestseller in terms of quality, and support you as you continue to reach the readers who are desperate to hear what you (and you alone) have to say.

Are you with us so far? If so, let's turn the page and see what's next... (see what we did there?) 

"Elizabeth is the most knowledgeable, supportive, and hard-working resource in the indie publishing space. I highly recommend her."

-Jenna McCarthy, co-author of The Size of Everything (and 16 other books)