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Because words look better polished

You’ve written the words, putting your heart and soul into getting your message or story out of your head and onto paper. Now, you want to ensure that that message or story is perfectly presented to the world—in a voice that’s so much your own that when your readers interact with you they will say with relief, “You are exactly who I expected you to be.”

As the daughter of an avid editor, my own words have been critiqued and honed since I first uttered, “I want a cookie and I want a brownie and I want a half gallon of ice cream.” (For the record, there is a much more concise way to say that, and the sentence is missing a comma or two as is!).

A bestselling author with 20+ years’ experience editing a variety of works—from professional documents and academic papers to memoirs and works of non-fiction—I’m passionate about working in partnership with authors to verify proper syntax and improve overall flow while ensuring that the author’s unique style and tone are maintained throughout.

If you have a manuscript that is ready to go to edit, I would be honored to speak with you about how we might partner together. For rates or to set up a complimentary Skype consultation, please email me directly at

I can’t wait to speak with you about your project!


“As a writer, it can be extremely challenging to hand over your material to someone for re-work. But I was able to hand over my manuscript to Liz with complete trust. She honed the material and made it concise, all while ensuring my voice was honored throughout.”

— Genevieve Georget, author of Her Own Wild Winds

“I want to personally thank Elizabeth for editing my book. She helped me identify weaknesses and guided me in the right direction. She delivered on time, and did an amazing job editing and re-aligning my thoughts. I will be using her experience and expertise for my next book. Thank you, Liz, for everything!”

— Chris J. Martinez, author of Driving Traffic 

“Elizabeth is a phenomenal manuscript editor. She efficiently and effectively scoured my book page-by-page and made expert suggestions for change. She not only found grammatical errors but also made recommendations that took my book to the next level. Quick and thorough, she has my highest recommendation!”

— Alison England, author of Tandem: Adopting with God in the Lead

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