How to Publish A Profitable Book

Episode 19: Interview with Nick Stephenson

A Bestselling Author's Must-Hear Tips on Author Email Lists & Websites

As an English and Law student turned bestselling author and coach, Nick Stephenson validates early in our discussion that “Author” simply isn’t a career option when one attends university! We are, therefore, a bit on our own when it comes to figuring out the...
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Book Cover Design 101

Because yes, people will judge your book by its cover

A new author got my attention the other day. But not in a good way.   Her book popped up as a sponsored option related to the book I initially searched for.   I noticed it immediately.   Because the cover is…well…terrible.   Her...
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Episode 17: Interview with bestselling author Jenna McCarthy

When a bestselling author of 15+ books speaks, you listen...

Jenna McCarthy is the bestselling author of 15 books in multiple genres. In this incredible interview, you’ll discover: The part of the publishing process that Jenna STILL gets nervous about and finds incredibly challenging How Jenna deals with her own “Is this story THAT...
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A Simple 6-Step System for Entrepreneurs

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