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20 Great Creative Writing Prompts

For those days when you need a little jump start


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The best creative writing prompts

…are simple yet incredibly effective.

They help clear the mud dam that stands between your brain and your fingertips.

Whether you’re writing short stories, fiction, non-fiction, memoir, or a screenplay, a good writing prompt can be just what you need to go from “I’ve got nothing” to “I can’t stop writing!”

The next time you’re stuck, choose one of these writing exercises to get your mojo back on track.

1. Outside your window: What do you see outside your window right now? What does it remind you of? If you had to describe the scene to someone who couldn’t see it, how would you do so?

2. Unrequited love: How does it feel to love someone who does not love you back?

3. Food: What did you have for breakfast (or lunch if you’re into intermittent fasting)? Describe it in as much detail as you can.

6. Eavesdropping: Quietly observe a couple’s or group’s conversation for 5 minutes. What do you think is their story? How did they meet? What is the biggest challenge they are each experiencing right now?

7. Dreams: What did you dream about last night?

8. Write a Letter: Write a letter to your childhood best friend. What memory do you most cherish? Describe the way you see their younger self?

9. Can’t Live Without: What are the 5 items you simply could not go a day without?

10. Sweets: What is your favorite sweet treat? Describe it in as much detail as you can (to the point that you almost have to go out and buy it or the ingredients to make it!).

11. Numbers: What is your favorite number and why? How did that number come to be your favorite?

12. Discomfort: What is your greatest discomfort/fear? When did you first experience it?

13. Fears: Finish the following sentence: If I weren’t afraid, I would ____________________. Explore your fear further. What does it feel like to physically experience it?

14. Surprise: Close your eyes and turn your head a bit. Open your eyes and describe in as much detail the story of the first thing that you see.

15. Quote: What is your favorite quote and why? How does it make you feel? When did it make such a strong impression upon you?

16. Coffee: Describe your favorite coffee drink. What kind of cup does it come in? How does it taste? Describe the barista who prepares it.

17. Cupcakes: Imagine having the most beautiful cupcake in the world placed in front of you. Now describe it. On what kind of plate is it served? Does it have frosting? What color? Is it wrapped in paper? What does it smell like?

18. Observe: Quietly observe someone sitting quietly nearby. What do you imagine is going on in his or her head?

19. Pet’s Mind: Observe an animal nearby. Write from the perspective of that animal. How does it feel? What is it thinking about?

20. Sunrise/Sunset: Watch a sunrise or sunset. As a stream-of-consciousness writing, describe it in as much detail as you can.

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Write Your Damn Book Already!

A Simple 6-Step System for Entrepreneurs

It's Free!
100% privacy guaranteed. Pinky swear.